"Celebrate what you want to see more of."

Thomas Peters



2012 was a very merry Christmas.  Hard to believe another has come and gone so quickly.  A bit of melancholy always hangs with me when everyone walks out the door toting their goods.  There is so much build up and after you can your breath you realize the moment is over.  But thankfully New Years is right behind Christmas and the thoughts of beginning anew always perk my spirits right back up to where they should be.  Not that we can't change the story of our lives at any point, but there is something about that year ending and a new one starting that really does make things seem fresh and new goals possible. 

I love this shot of mom and dad with Bronx.  We were supposed to be making his Christmas pics in his Santa's helper pjs but he was getting sick and didn't want to have anything to do with that.  So they are reading him a story. 

Seth, under the Christmas tree for our annual sleepover. 

and me.  Me in my Grinch can't steal my swag shirt that my nephews Ben and Jackson gave me.  I wore it the entire holiday weekend.  Seriously.

Counting it down to my Photo a Day project for 2013.  I printed a book of 2012 faves.  Did my video.  Moved my old files.  I am ready.  Caught up for now.  I keep thinking of how I want this new year to go and I just keep thinking simple, natural, timeless... FUN!  I think that goes for my days and my photography.