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This new day is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays.
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Okay.  So we are back from a trip to the Bahamas.  Our wedding spot.  Doing a little bonefishing, some gambling, some sunning, lots of eating...some pina colodas or goombay smashes...  it was very, very, very nice.  And though really happy to be home I miss the heat.



The first night Martin climbed in bed early.  Tired from the flight, and early morning, and sitting in the sun.  I went to bed around 11pm.  There was a large white tent party on the grounds and I had been enjoying their music and laughter.  In bed trying to fall asleep suddenly it sounds like Junkanoo is coming by my room.  It is so loud that I cannot imagine how Martin is sleeping.  I run to the door and a mini Junkanoo looking group is heading my way.  I really want to get down to make photos of their exotic costumes but I am already in my pjs.  I have the camera but not my glasses so I am doing my best to do some settings that would work in the night.  Really hard without your glasses and in a hurry.  By the time they passed me up on the balcony I did get a few clear shots.  What I wouldn't give to have been down in front of them or in the midst of it snapping away! 

Toonces never woke up.

Thank goodness I didn't let the door shut with me in my pajamas and no key.


It was the beginning of a very festive vacation.









Giving a shout out to my dad's dog




Back to today.  Back to reality.  And it hardly seems fair Maggie takes that big old bed and leaves Eudora on the rug.   ( I don't actually let the cats take the dog beds ).