70/365 The View
#72/365 Photo - Early Bloomers

70/365 Maggie's Edits


“Photographs document not only where we have been, but also point the way to where we might perhaps be heading.” -Ellen Golden



This was an Instagram from this morning but it was just so sweet I am going to have to use it as my photo of the day.  She is exhausted from helping Toonces edit.   Sweet thing.


The house project from yesterday?  To answer the comments,  our bedroom is upstairs and with steep steps it is unlikely that we will want to or even be able to run up and down those steps as we get older.   So it is build a new one level home or change the house.   With the animals and the pond and the privacy...and the stress of designing a new one, well, we will just add on to this one.  We have too much good energy here.  But my patio will be more like a courtyard  instead of opening to the backyard.