#72/365 Photo - Early Bloomers

73/365 - Chi-Chi


People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.
— Unknown





Meet Chi-Chi the chicken.  Picking up the name from Bronx who is probably going to be upset when he visits my dad's barn and Chi-Chi isn't around.  His chicken.  The last of my father's flock.  We are down a few hens so we were happy to give her a home with friends.  Really hoping she found somewhere safe to roost tonight.  She has a new beau.  Hopefully he manned up and showed her the ropes. 

It took maybe all of 15 seconds for The Last of the Stag Club (that is his name, he was a no name) to profess his love and go for a bit of sexy time with Chi-Chi.  Poor girl.  She just wanted to eat her corn.  Lafayette, the man in charge, started to fuss and then just let it go.  I  think he has too much to worry about already. 

Maybe we should just call him Stags.

Stags & Chi-Chi.


Just  a shot of Lafayette showing off.