"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks."

Winston Churchill

LOVE that saying!

And I have discovered that I will never get to record anything on my blog if I wait until I can catch all those photos up.  So while I have been very faithful to make a photo a day I am just going to post some randomly here or I will never be posting anything.  And then I miss stuff like the birthdays and new chicks hatching and my lovely Spring flowers. 

Today Mo, my mom, and I went to Mabe's Berry Farm for strawberries.  I have frozen, sliced and put some aside to bake Toonces a pie later this week from a new recipe I've found.  I love the way fresh strawberries smell up my car and my house.  I also finished all my planting for this season.  Thank goodness.  Now to just maintain.

So yes I have the photos but I am not worrying about going back to 101 and catching up.  Not today.




Moving the horses.  I made this with my phone but loved the shot.  Old Freck was slow but sure.  They should move back this week.  Fertilizing the pasture.



Chi-Chi is a new mother.  Just in time for Mother's Day.


Jackson turns into a teenager.  Seriously.

We went to watch him play baseball.  He won in an exciting finish and we went to his house for cake.  Love my kids.






Ben is serious about soccer.  I love how intense he plays!