It's a new year.  I always love getting that clean slate.  Chances to change.  I don't do resolutions so much as I set goals for myself.  Goals for my body, my home, how I treat others.  They become less and less physical and more and more spiritual.   It has nothing to do with being hot for a swimsuit on a beach, those days are behind me,  and everything with being healthy in the years to come.   Hoping to be healthy enough to travel all over to visit my nephews and Izzy one day.   And take care of my home and husband.  I believe that if I can get my mind at peace and truly live in the moment, if I simplify things, then all the rest will fall as it should.  If I can become mentally aware of everything I put in my body then you will stop putting in things that aren't good for you.   That is my theory for 2014 anyway.    We'll see!   I am letting go of the toxins in my life.

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We spent most of the week in Nashville.  This is heading in to Tootsie's Orchid Lounge for New Year's eve. 



I love Old Crow Medicine Show.    I love love them.  I have a huge crush on Ketch Secor.   We went to see their show at the Ryman on New Year's eve eve.  The 30th.  With Dale Watson.  Legendary stuff.  One of the best nights of my life.  Front row on those wooden pews of the Mother Church.  It was such a good time.  I was very grateful for those tickets.



the beautiful windows at the Ryman.


make sure I get one of my buddy Edd in too!